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  • * Playgrounds
    The playgrounds are spaces designed for children to enjoy, occupy their free time and interact with each other. It is essential that these feel safe and protected and that parks meet the requirements and safety standards. Be On Sport has qualified staff, with over 15 years of experience, working with playgrounds and Recreational Solutions, ensuring the know-how required to advise their clients to adapt and change the existing playgrounds, according to the security requirements emanating from the DL n º 119/2009 of 19 May.
  • * Synthetic Grass
     The synthetic grass has to be in good condition, so as to provide greater comfort to athletes and durability. Maintenance can be made of 6 in 6 months and includes the process of:
    - Brushing of the fiber and Distribution of the rubber filler;
    - Clean the surface;
    - Decompression filling;
    - Verification of glue joints.
    All this is done using machines evolved, which more efficiently, restore the physical and mechanical characteristics to the pavement, extending the life of the grass.
  • * Wood Flooring
     The wooden floors tend to become worn and dull due to its use. To do so, proceed to:
    - Redial the lines of pavement;
    - Application of a protective varnish or renovating;
    - Elimination of scratches or marks caused by wear.
    - In case of further deterioration, it replaces or repairs to damaged wood.
    - New Format in the zone of Basketball bid;
    Be On Sport presents solutions to adapt the lines marking the new regulation. Contact us.
  • * Athletics Track
     The maintenance of athletic fields mainly focuses on change and replacement of the rubber, cleaning the soil to keep the surface smooth and painting or rescheduling of the lane lines.


* Sports Equipment
 The various sporting unchanged and will be damaging with continuous use. The maintenance is essentially to detect damage and repair them, as with the goal nets or baskets, replacement of seats or benches and other equipment.